Condemnation of Mukhtar Thaqafi

ايضا از عمر بن على بن الحسين روايت كرده است كه اول مختار براى پدرم بيست هزار درهم فرستاد، پدرم قبول كرد، و خانه عقيل بن ابي طالب را و خانه‏هاى ديگر از بنى هاشم كه بنى اميه خراب كرده بودند پدرم به آن زر ساخت، چون مختار آن مذهب باطل را اختيار كرد، بعد از آن چهل هزار دينار براى پدرم فرستاد، پدرم از او قبول نكرد و رد كرد

It is narrated from Umar, the son of Zainul Abideen, that in the beginning, Mukhtar sent 20,000 dinar to my father, and my father took them, and rebuilt the homes of Aqeel ibn abi talib and other bani hashim which were destroyed by bani umayyah. And when Mukhtar adopted a false religion, and then he sent 40,000 dinar to my father, but he didn’t accept and returned it.

ايضا به سند معتبر از امام محمد باقر عليه السلام روايت كرده است كه مختار نامه‏اى به خدمت حضرت امام زين العابدين عليه السلام نوشت و با هديه‏اى چند از عراق به خدمت آن جناب فرستاد، چون رسولان او به در خانه او رسيدند، رخصت طلبيدند كه داخل شوند، حضرت فرستاد كه: دور شويد كه من هديه دروغگويان را قبول نمى‏كنم و نامه ايشان را نمى‏خوانم

Similarly it is narrated with a reliable chain from Imam Baqir that Mukhtar wrote a letter to my father, alongwith gifts from Iraq. When the messengers reached the place of Imam, and asked to enter, Zainul Abideen said: Turn back, I don’t accept gifts from liars, and neither do I read their letters.

در بعضى از كتب معتبر روايت كرده‏اند كه مختار براى امام زين العابدين عليه السلام صد هزار درهم فرستاد، و آن جناب نمى‏خواست كه آن را قبول كند، و ترسيد از مختار كه رد كند و از او متضرر گردد، پس آن حضرت آن مال را در خانه ضبط كرد. چون مختار كشته شد، حقيقت حال را به عبد الملك نوشت كه: آن مال تعلق به تو دارد و بر تو گوارا است، و آن جناب مختار را لعنت كرد و مى‏فرمود: دروغ مى‏بندند بر خدا و بر ما، مختار دعوى مى‏كرد كه وحى خدا بر او نازل مى‏شود

In few reliable books, it is narrated that Mukhtar sent one hundred thousand dirham for Imam Zainul Abideen. But Imam wanted not to accept them. And he also feared that if he returned, than Mukhtar will create trouble for him, so he let the money at his home. When Mukhtar was killed, Imam wrote to Abdul Malik that this is your right, take it away. And he cursed Mukhtar and said, he would lie upon us, and he would claim that wahi of Allah reveals on me.

بعضى از علما را اعتقاد آن است كه غرض او رياست و پادشاهى بود، و اين امر را وسيله آن كرده‏ بود، و اولا به حضرت امام زين العابدين عليه السلام متوسل شد، چون حضرت از جانب حق تعالى مامور نبود به خروج و نيت فاسد او را مى‏دانست، اجابت او ننمود، پس او به محمد بن حنفيه متوسل شد و مردم را بسوى او دعوت مى‏كرد و او را مهدى قرار داده بود، و مذهب كيسانيه از او در ميان مردم پيدا شد، و محمد بن حنفيه را امام آخر مى‏دانند و مى‏گويند كه: زنده است و غايب شده، و در آخر الزمان ظاهر خواهد شد. و الحمد لله كه اهل آن مذهب منقرض شده‏اند و كسى از ايشان نمانده است، و ايشان را به اين سبب كيسانى مى‏گويند كه از اصحاب مختارند، و مختار را كيسان مى‏گفتند براى آنكه امير المومنين عليه السلام موافق روايات ايشان او را به كيس خطاب كرد، يا به اعتبار آنكه سر كرده لشكر او و مدبر امور او ابو عمره بود كه كيسان نام داشت. و آنچه از جمع بين الاخبار ظاهر مى‏شود آن است كه او در خروج خود، نيت صحيحى نداشته است، و اكاذيب و اباطيل را وسيله ترويج امر خود مى‏كرده است، و ليكن چون كارهاى خير عظيم بر دست او جارى شده است، اميد نجات درباره او هست، و متعرض احوال اين قسم مردم نشدن

Few scholars believe that Mukhtar wanted to gain rule and kingdom, and used this way for his purpose. And in the beginning, he attached himself with Imam Zainul Abideen, since he was not appointed (mamoor) on khuruj he was aware of his false intentions, he didn’t accept Mukhtar’s request. Than Mukhtar attached himself with Muhammad ibn Hanafiya, and he would invite the people towards him, and he would call Muhammad Ibn Hanafiyya, the Mehdi. And the Kaysaniya sect was started by him. And they said  Muhammad ibn Hanafiya is alive, and he is the last Imam, and thanks to God, that religion ended and its followers have finished, and they were called Kaysani because they were the companions of Mukhtar and Mukhtar was called Kaysan because according to their reports, Ali called him Kays in some of his letters. Or due to this reason that the leader of Mukhtar’s army and his advisor, was Abu Umra, and he was called Kaysan. And from the reports, it is clear that Mukhtar’s intention regarding his khuruj were not correct. He had appointed liars to preach his religion. But since great things were done by him, we are hopeful of his salvation, and not to indulge in matters of such people is not right.

Jila ul Ayun , by Baqir Majlisi, p. 805-807

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