6 thoughts on “Shia Website “wilayat.net” exposed its beliefs about the Prophet (s)

    1. abdullah Post author

      They are worse than Ahmadis brother. Ahmadis only claimed a new prophet after Prophet Muhammad (s), Shias claim twelve imams came after the Prophet (s), all superior to the Prophets before Muhammad (s). And in this particular point, they are equivalent to Ahmadis.

  1. Ali Shah Hussain

    Come on guys they have said rightly that…Wilayat Website says that Prophet Muhammad (s) is no more our guide……….We know Ibne Saba Yahoodi is there(Rafadis)GUIDE……….Lolz

  2. Saw

    Misguided sunni’s cannot even understand the basics, what was caliphs appointed for after prophet then, why they were elected – was it for power or bait ul maal. from the screenshot itself it is mentioned that prophet is warner and it will be till the final day but each generation will have a guide of its own. Selective reading isnt going to help

    1. Khorasan

      so you are saying that the Prophet (s) was a guide for his own generation not ours?

      Isn’t this a Kufr statement?

      Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the guide for every generation and for every people. Why don’t you understand this simple thing? The verses of the Quran are many in regards to this topic.


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