Majlisi’s extreme hatred for the Sahaba

Mulla Baqir Majlisi is the very person about whom Khomeini said in his book  ‘Kashaful Asrar’

“Continue reading the Persian books written by Mulla Baqir Majlisi for the Persian speaking people so that you do not fall into the mischief of some kind of foolishness”

Kashaful Asrar, p.  121

Below we will quote this Rafidhi Mulla from his books. You already read that Khomeini actually encouraged his followers to read Mulla Majlisi’s books so that “they may not fall into some kind of foolishness”. So no doubt, Khomeini indirectly accepted that he also has these beliefs.

Majlisi says in his book, Haqqul Yaqin

Our belief about tabarra is that we should loathe the four idols, i.e Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman and Muawiyah, and the four women i.e Aisha, Hafza, Hind and Umm Hakam, and their followers also, and that these are the worst creatures of God, and that the belief in God, and Messenger and Imams will not be completed till we loathe their these enemies.

Haqqul Yaqin , p. 519

He says:

It has been narrated in Taqrib al Muarif from the freed slave of Ali bin Hussain (i.e Imam Zain ul Abideen) that he asked the Imam, I have the right over you, inform me about Abu Bakr and Umar. Imam said : Both of them are unbelievers, and whoever loves them is also unbeliever.

Haqqul Yaqin, p. 522

He says:

Similarly … It has been narrated from Abu Hamzah that he asked the Imam about Abu Bakr and Umar, upon which he said : They are unbelievers, and whoever respects them is also unbeliever.

(Than Majlisi says) And regarding this, there are lots of ahadith, and many of them have been mentioned in Bihar al anwar.

Haqqul Yaqin, p. 522

In his book, Hayat ul Quloob, he writes:

Ayyashi has narrated from Imam Jafar through a reliable sanad that he said : May Allah’s curse be upon Aisha and Hafzah and their fathers … They killed the Messenger of Allah with poison.

Hayat ul Quloob Vol. 2, p. 700

Majlisi says in Hayat ul Quloob

Whoever believes that Uthman was killed innocently, his sins on the day of judgement will be more than those who worshipped the calf.

Hayat ul Quloob, Vol. 1, p. 20

Whatever Abu Bakr did was against the verses of Quran, whoever acts against Quran is kafir, fasiq oppressor.

Hayat ul Quloob, Vol. 1, p. 157

When the Kuffar of Quraish neared the cave , Abu Bakr’s worries increased and wished to go out and join them (i.e the kuffar) outwardly as he was amongst them inwardly.

Hayat ul Quloob, Vol. 2, p. 334

He says in Haqqul Yaqin about Uthman,

The clear proof of the disbelief of Uthman is that Ali considered his killing mubah, and didn’t consider anything wrong in it.

Haqqul Yaqin, p. 270

Similarly he writes in Haqqul Yaqin, that when Uthman was killed

“he remained lying on the garbage for three days like a dog , and dogs would eat him, and Ali didn’t went to him.”

Haqqul Yaqin, p. 273

Actually his books are full of such things,  I would avoid posting more of his nonsense because I guess the “” will delete this site for that filth which is extremely disgusting. But the simple thing is that anyone who want to know more, he should read his books in the original language, not in the translations, because the Shiite translators often omit such things from the translations.

May Allah forgive us!

8 thoughts on “Majlisi’s extreme hatred for the Sahaba

  1. asghar binibrahim

    FAITH IN RELIGION – NO LONGER NEEDED. It requires WITNESS. I and only I am an IRREFUTABLE WITNESS all over the world now. My VIDEO-DEBATE challenge, at the cost of my neck, is TEACH YOURSELF NUMERICAL QURAN and YOU will be CONVERT-HANAFITE-MUSLIM. Shiites are Non-Muslims, and thus the present PPP Government of Pakistan, under the umbrella of Shiite President, Asif Ali Zardari, is Non-Muslim Government – even PPP allies, in turn, are Non-Muslims.

    1. Ghazi ibn hassan

      if Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman were non believers then just tell me was Our Prophet Mohammad made a mistake in accompanying them throughout hs life…giving his daughters to them….and promisingg hannah to them…
      if he was wrong and made mistake then everything we believe might b a mistake swell…
      Shia says Ali was Always right..then if Mohammad wrong in choosing Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman then how can Ali be right at all…unless they say Ali was superior to rest…
      which i hope they won’t.

    2. Ali

      Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah ….The founder of Pakistan was
      a SHIA aswell. Anything you would like to say in this regard ? 🙂

  2. shehroze

    “But whoever disputes with you in this matter after what has come to you of knowledge, then say: Come let us call our sons and your sons and our women and your women and our near people and your near people, then let us be earnest in prayer, and pray for the curse of Allah on the liars.”    – Quran 3:61
    According to this verse every sunni and shia said that in place of women Prophet SAAWW took Bibi Fatima S.A only and if u say that their r other daughters of Prophet SAAWW why not he take them also? no one can give the reason because Prophet SAAWW has only one daughter
    and the other thing is that Prophet never chose Hazrat ABubakr, umer and usman and said AL Haqqo Maa ALi wa Ali o Ma al Haq

    1. N Amber

      At the time of famous incident of Bait Ar Rizwan, Rasulullah (SaW) took only one wife with him for Umra, does that negate the existence of other wives?

  3. Gazali Ibn Abubakar

    I dont know where shi’ite’s sence are becouse always they act as like mad

    whoever foulted 3khalifas and leave other as he is only one that is right bt other are inaccurate d question is that why he leave them took position and become among their advisors??

  4. Asad Awan

    Enough is enough you stupid Shiites (shia) people. How a person can even dare to curse The Beloved Companions of Our Beloved Prophet PBUH? O Almighty Allah please never let us go astray.
    Whosoever will say such shameful things for Sahaaba Karaam is indeed the most stupid person and indeed such Shiites are the most stupid ones.


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