Shaikh Sadooq considers Aqeel a Nasibi and Kafir, and who else?

Shaikh Sadooq narrates a narration in his book “Aitqadat”

Imam Jafar narrates that whoever doubts in the disbelief of our enemies and the ones who oppressed us , he is himself a disbeliever.

Ameer ul Momineen (i.e Ali) said : I have been oppressed since my birth, so much so that when Aqeel would feel pain in his eyes, he would say : first put the medicine in the eyes of Ali, than I will allow it to be put in my eyes. Than the medicine would be put in my eyes, even though I would not feel pain in my eyes at all  

Aitqadat , p.  107

Do I need to explain what he means?

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