The differences amongst the Shia scholars in ahkam!

Afterwards, this person has claimed that the companions of Aimma were able to get the (knowledge of usul and furu) with complete belief, this is a claim which can’t be accepted. Its witness is the eye which saw it and which was known with the narration (athar) , that the companions of Aimma had differences in Usul and Furu. And due to this reason , people complained to Aimma that your companions have great differences. The Aimma sometimes replied that we have ourselves put these differences amongst them so as to protect them, as is present in the narrations of Huriz and Zarara and Abu Ayub Jazzar, and sometimes said that these differences arose as a result of liars, as is present in the narration of Faiz bin Mukhtar. He said I told Imam Jafar Sadiq , how come these differences amongst your companions? He said , which differences? I said , I sit in their classes in Kufa, than I am about to fall in doubt due to their ahadith, till I come to Fazal bin Umar and he tells me something which satisfies me.  Imam said , O faiz , this is true, people have lied upon us greatly, as if God have made it compulsory upon them to lie, and as if He wants nothing from them except lying, I narrate one thing to them, and they start distorting it before departing me. These people don’t want the blessings of hereafter from our ahadith, but they want to become leaders. And similarly is the narration of Daud bin Sarhan. And the story of Ibn Abil Awja is present that he said when he was killed, I have entered four thousand fabricated ahadith in your books. Similarly is the story of Yunus bin Abdur Rahman who said I got many ahadith from the companions of Aimma and when I presented them to Imam Raza, he rejected lots of them. Similarly many such incidents are witness against the claim of this person.

Book : Faraid ul Usul , p. 86

Author : Shaikh Murtaza

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