A Muslim can inherit a non Muslim in Shia Cult

The website of lies and deception, Answering-Ansar says

Mu’awiya ‘the Hadi’ made decisions that contradicted the Shar’ia on inheritance

Ibn Kathir in his esteemed work Al-Bidayah (Urdu), vol 8 page 989-990 (Nafees Academy Karachi) while recording the ‘merits’ of Muawiya bin Hinda, records:

The Sunnah is that that neither could a kaafir inherit from a Muslim, nor a Muslim inherit from a kaafir. The first person to allow a Muslim to inherit from Kafir, whilst Kafir could not inherit from a Muslim was Muawiya, and Bani Umaya did the same after him till Umar bin Abdulaziz came and revived the Sunnah, but then Hisham returned back to what Mu’awiya and Bani Umatya used to do.
Al Bidayah (Arabic), Volume 8 page 141
Al Bidayah (Arabic), Volume 8 page 149

Imam of Ahle Sunnah Ibn Qudamah records in his esteemed work ‘Al-Mughni’:

“The scholars are unanimous that the non Muslim does not inherit the Muslim, the majority of companions and jurists said: ‘The muslim do not inherit the non Muslim’. That is what narrated from Abu bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali, Usama bin Zaid, Jaber bin Abdullah (may Allah be pleased with them), and so was said by Amro bin Uthman, Arwa, al-Zuheri, Atta, Tawous, al-Hasan, Amro bin Abdulaziz, Amro bin Dinar, al-Thawri, Abu Hanifa and his companions, Malik, Shafeei and the rest of the jurists, and that is what we follow. It is narrated about Amr, Mu’ath and Mu’awiya (may Allah be pleased with them) that they allowed Muslim to inherit the non Muslim, but they didn’t allow Non-Muslim to inherit a Muslim”
Al-Mughni, Volume 7 page 166- Kitab al-Faraiz

Mu’awiya’s introduction of this practice was an open violation to the teachings of Islam and we read in Sahih al Bukhari Volume 8 hadith number 756 that Rasulullah (s) said, “A Muslim cannot be the heir of a disbeliever, nor can a disbeliever be the heir of a Muslim”.

Actually regarding this, their was difference amongst Sahaba also, they have themself mentioned Muadh bin Jabal, and who he was? He was amongst those people of Madina who embraced Islam before the migration of the Prophet (s) to Madinah, and who was amongst the people whom the Prophet (s) had invited to Madinah. About him , the Prophet (s) said : “The most knowledgeable of my ummah [community] in matters of Halal [permitted, allowed, lawful or legal] and Haram [forbidden] is Mu’adh bin Jabal.”

So it was not only Ameer Muawiyah who had this opinion, but other prominent companions also had this opinion, as I said, it was due to the differences in ahadith.

But here we shall tell you that according to the Shiites, the sunnah is that a Muslim can inherit from a Non Muslim, perhaps the jahil (ignorant) admins of Answering-Ansar should start reading their books before reading the books of Sunnis.

The following is the book scan, from the esteemed Shiite scholar, Shaikh Sadooq, in it is written that “A Muslim can inherit from a Non Muslim but a Non Muslim can’t inherit from a Muslim”

Majalis Sadooq (Urdu translation of Amali by Shaikh Sadooq), p. 606

The same, we read  in Tauzeeh ul Masail, by Ayatulla Sistani, on page 430

The same we read in Tuhfatul Awwam, p. 305

Update :

Many Shia ahadith in the Shia book ‘Man la yahdaruhul faqih, vol. 4, p. 265’ supporting it.

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