Especials of The 12th Imam

Allama Majlisi says in his book, Haq ul Yaqin
واول کسیکہ با او بیعت کند محمد باشد و بعد ازاں علی
the first one to give allegiance (to Imam Mahdi after his appearance) will be Muhammad (s) and than Ali will pledge allegiance to him. (Haq ul Yaqin, p. 129)

عائشہ را زندہ کند تا بر او حد بزند و انتقام فاطمہ ما ازو بکشد
he will take Aisha , the wife of Prophet Muhammad (s), out of her grave and will punish her and hence , (Mahdi) will take the revenges of Fatima. (Haq ul Yaqin , p. 139)

Than the Imam will take Abu Bakr and Umar out of their graves and will crucify them,
حتی آنکہ درشبانہ روزے ہزار مرتبہ ایشاں رابکشند وزندہ کنند
they will be killed thousand times in a day, than God will take them to where ever He wills, and will give them punishment. (Haq ul Yaqin , p. 145)

وقتیکہ قائم علیہ السلام ظاہری شود پیش از کفار ابتداء بہ سنیان خواہد باعلماء ایشاں وایشاں راخواہد کشت
he will massacre the Sunnis too, especially their scholars, before waging war on the disbelievers. (Haq ul Yaqin, p. 138)

The esteemed Shia scholar, Majlisi , a product of Safavid era, and one of the greatest scholar in the Shia cult, whose books are recommended by Khomeini as he , Khomeini , says in his book Kashaful Israr

Keep on reading the Persian books written by Majlisi so that you do not fall into any other such stupidity.‘ (Kashful Asrar: 121)

Such an esteemed Shiite scholar also says
یچ عاقل را مجال آں نیست کہ شک کند در کفر عمر پس لعنت خدا اورسول بر ایشاں باد و بر ہر کہ ایشاں را مسلمان داند و ہر کہ در لعن ایشاں توقف نماید
“No genius person can doubt in the disbelief of Umar. May God and His Messenger’s be curse upon Umar and upon him who delays in cursing upon him. (Jila ul Ayun, p. 45)

And than he narrates that Imam Jafar said ,
اتق العرب فإن لهم خبر سوء أما إنه لا يخرج مع القائم منهم واحد
The Arabs should fear because an extremely bad time is coming for them , because when the Imam Qaim (12th imam) will appear , not a single person amongst them will join him. (Bihar al Anwar, Vol. 12, p. 341)

Shaikh Sadooq, another acclaimed Shia scholar, narrates from his infallible imam that he said that
قوياً في بدنه، حتّي لو مدّ يده إلي أعظم شجرة علي وجه الارض لقلعها، ولو صاح بين الجبال لتدکدکت صخورها

the 12th imam will be very powerful, he will easily take a huge tree out of the earth, and when he will scream between the mountains, than its rocks will be broken into pieces.  (Kamal ud Din, vol. 7, p. 376)

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