The thirst Sahaba faced at Tabuk

The Intense Thirst that the Sahabah Suffered During the Expedition to Tabook
Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Abbaas – narrates that Hadhrat Umar was
once asked to give an account of “The Hour of Difficulty” (the expedition to
Tabook). Hadhrat Umar said, ‘When we left for Tabook, the heat was
intense and when we stopped over at a place, we were so thirsty that we thought
our necks would fall off (that we would die). In fact, when any of us went out in
search of his mount, he really thought that he would die by the time he returned.
The situation was so severe that when one of us slaughtered a camel, he would
extract the liquids from its entrails to drink and then rub the remainder on his
stomach (so that the coolness could penetrate his stomach).”
“Hadhrat Abu Bakr  then said, ‘0R asulullaah Allah is always good
to you so make du’aa to Allaah on our behalf.’ ‘Do you really want me to do so?’
asked Rasulullaah . ‘Please do,’ entreated Hadhrat Abu Bakr  .
Rasulullaah then raised his hands to the heavens (to make du’aa) and had
not yet dropped his hands when clouds started gathering in the sky. First a
drizzle fell and then the rains came pouring down. The Sahaba had filled
whatever containers they had and when we left the place, we discovered that the
rain had not fallen further than the area where the army was camped.”

Ibn Wahab as quoted in Al Bidaaya wan Nihaaya (Vo1.5 Pg.9).

Ibn Sa’d has also narrated it as quoted in the Takeer of ibn katheer (Vol.2 Pg.396).

Bazzaar and Tabraani have also reporred it with a reliable chain of narrators as confirmed by Haythami (Vo1.6 Pg.194).

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