Sacrifices of Zubair (ra)

عن أبي الأسود عن عروة بن الزبير قال : أسلم الزبير بن العوام و هو ابن ثمان سنين و هاجر و هو ابن ثمان عشرة سنة و كان عم الزبير يعلق الزبير في حصير و يدخن عليه بالنار و يقول : ارجع إلى الكفر فيقول الزبير : لا أكفر أبدا

Hadhrat Abul Aswad narrates from Urwah that he said :  Hadhrat Zubayr bin Awwaam  accepted
Islaam when he was only eight years of age and migrated (to Madinah) when he
was eighteen years old. The uncle of Hadhrat Zubayr used to hang him up
in a straw mat and use a fire to make smoke from the bottom. He would then
say, “Return to kufr!” Hadhrat Zubayr used to say, “I shall never be a
Kaafir again!”

Abu Nu’aym in Hilya (Vol. 1 Pg.89)
Haakim in his Mustadrak (Vol.3 P~.360)

Hadhrat Hafs bin Khaalid narrates that an old man from Mosul came to them and
said that he had accompanied Hadhrat Zubayr bin Awwaam  on a journey.
He said, “We were in an arid land when Hadhrat Zubayr required a bath.
He therefore told me to arrange for some privacy, which I did. (As he was
bathing,) My gaze accidentally fell on his body and I noticed his entire body
scarred by sword wounds. I said, ‘By Allaah! The scars I have seen on you I have
never seen on anyone else.’ He asked, ‘Did you see them?’ ‘Yes,’ I replied. He
responded by saying, ‘Every wound of these was sustained with Rasulullaah
in the path of Allaah.”‘

Abu Nu’aym, Tabraani, Haakim in his Mustadrak (Vo1.3 pg.360)
Ibn Asaakir as reported in Muntakhab (Vo1.5 Pg.70).

Hadhrat Ali bin Zaid narratesthatsomeonewhosawHadhrat Zubayr SSw informed
him that there were scars resembling eyes on his chest which were made by
arrows and spears.

Abu Nu’aym in Hilya (Vol. 1 Pg.90)

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