And his wife tore his precious clothes because he did mutah

Muhammad bin Muslim narrates :

فلما كان غداة الجمعة أنا جالس بالباب إذ مرت بي جارية أعجبتني فأمرت غلامي فردها ثم أدخلها داري فتمتعت بها فأحست بى و بها أهلي فدخلت علينا البيت فبادرت الجارية نحو الباب وبقيت أنا فمزقت علي ثيابا جددا كنت ألبسها في الأعياد

And it was friday and I was sitting at the door and a girl was passing in front of the door and I liked her, so I told my servant to call her, so he called her and bring her to me, I did mutah with her , My wife felt somehow, she at once entered the room so the girl ran away and I was left alone. So my wife tore my clothes which I would wear on the Eid.

Kafi, Volume 8 , page 292

Hmmm, understood what happens when mutah is legalized and huge reward is put on it?

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