Few more Sunni traditions on prohibition of Wailing over the dead

Hadhrat Abdullaah bin Amr narrrates that Hadhrat Umayma bin Ruqayya
approached to pledge her allegiance to Islaam. Rasulullaah  said to her, “I require you to pledge that you shall not ascribe any partner to Allaah, not
steal, not fornicate, not kill your child, not come forth with slander which you
fabricatenbefore your two hands and legs, not wail at the death of anyone and not
to make a spectacle of yourself as women made spectacles of themselves during the first Period of Ignorance.”
Tabraani as appears in Majma’uz Zawaa’id(Vol.6 Pg.37). It is also narrated by Nasa’ee, Ibn Maajah,
Ahmad and Tirmidhi as mentioned in the Tafseerof Ibn Katheer (Vo1.4 Pg.352).

Hadhrat Usayd bin Abi Usayd Barraad narrates from one of the women who
pledged allegiance to Rasulullaah  that amongst the things that Rasulullaah required them to pledge was that they would not disobey him in any good,
would not scratch their faces, would not dishevel their hair, would not tear their
collars and would not pray for destruction.
Ibn Abi Haatim as quoted in the Tafserof lbn Katheer (Vo1.4 Pg.355).


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