The Marriage of Ali and Fatima

Most of the times , the Shias start the story of marriage of Ali and Fatima from the middle. They cleverly ignore the beginning of the story when narrating to the public. So we shall know how the marriage actually happened, and how Sahaba and especially Abu Bakr participated to make this marriage successful one.

Mulla Baqir Majlisi writes in his book, Jila ul Ayun (Chapter the marriage of Fatima to Ali)

One day , Abu Bakr , Umar and Saad bin Muadh were sitting in the masjid nabwi. Abu Bakr said that the nobles of Quraish asked the Prophet (s) about the hand of Fatima (i.e they wanted to marry her), he replied that the matter of Fatima is with Allah, whomever He wills, He will marry her to him.” And Ali hasn’t talked to the Prophet (s) about this , and in my opinion, nothing is stopping Ali except poverty. Than Abu Bakr said to Umar and Muadh, stand up and lets go to Ali and convince him for asking the hand of Fatima , if poverty is stopping him, than we shall help him. Saad said “You are absolutely correct O Abu Bakr”. So they stood up and then went to Ali. Ali was not present at his home, He had gone to the garden of an Ansari to water it for wages. They reached there, Ali inquired the reason for their coming , upon which Abu Bakr said “You have excelled others in good deeds and you are close to the Prophet (s) also, what is prohibiting you from asking the hand of Fatima. When Ali heard this, his eyes filled with tears. He said “Who doesn’t want to marry Fatima? But due to poverty, I feel shy to express my sentiments.” So they convinced him for this matter and he agreed to go to the Prophet (s). Ali came back to his home, and then went towards the Prophet (s).

Jila ul Ayun, p. 122-123

Bihar al Anwar , Vol. 10, p. 37-38

A similar tradition is present in Amali of Shaikh Tusi , Vol. 1, p. 38 with slight difference



So we know that Abu Bakr played a vital role in convincing Ali to marry Fatima.


Again, when it came to purchasing the necessities of a family , Abu Bakr was again on the frontline. He was the one who purchased the necessities for Ali and Fatima. We read in Shaikh Tusi’s Amali


The Prophet gave money to Abu Bakr and said “Bring clothes and other things needed for Fatima, and sent with him Ammar bin Yasir and some other Sahaba. Then they went to market, whatever they wanted to buy, they would first show it to Abu Bakr. After he agreed , than only that thing would be purchased. (Afterwards thing purchased are mentioned). Then they purchased the things , Abu Bakr took few things, the other companions took the other things and came back to the Prophet (s) and showed the things they bought to him. He checked the things and said “May Allah put blessings in it for the Ahlel Bayt”

This is also mentioned in Jila ul Ayun, p. 126, chapter the marriage of Fatima to Ali,

إن رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم أخذ حفنة من الدراهم و أعطاها أبا بكر رضي الله عنه، وأمره أن يذهب إلى السوق و يشتري للسيدة فاطمة رضي الله عنها كل ما تحتاج إليه من الثياب وأغراض البيت، وأرسل معه عمار بن ياسر وجماعة من الصحابة رضي الله عنهم، كلما اختار أحدهم شيئاً أراه أبا بكر، ثم يشتريه استشارة منه وبأمره عليه

and in Manaqib ibn Shehr Ashoob, Vol. 4, p. 20



Ali says that the Prophet told him to sell his armor so that the things Fatima will need can be bought . Ali says “I took the armor to the market and sell it to Uthman on 400 dirham. When I took the money and he took the marmor , Than Uthkman said to me. Now this armor is mine and thhe money is your, right? I said “Right” . Than Uthman said “Now I gift this armor to you.” Ali said |”Itook the armor and money brought it to the Prophet and narrated to him what happened, upon which he prayed for Uthman. Than he gave the money to Abu Bakr and told him to buy for Fatima, the things she will need, and sent with him Bilal and Salman.

Manaqib, by Khwarizmi, p. 252-253

Kashaful Ghumma, Vol. 1, p. 485

Bihar al Anwar, Vol. 10, p. 40

Ali said “I came out of the house of the Prophet (s) and I was very happy, I met Abu Bakr and Umar in the way. They asked me what happened that you are so happy, I said “The Prophet has told me that Allah has married Fatima to me in the heavens, and now he is going to come out of his home and announce it in the public. Abu Bakr and Umar became extremely happy at this and came to masjid nabwi with me . The Prophet reached soon, than he told Bilal to gather Muhajireen and Ansar, which Bilal did. When all the people gathered, than the Prophet sat on the pulpit. After praising God, he said “O Muslims, Gabriel had cojme to me and informed me that Allah has made the angels witnesses that He has married Fatima to Ali, and has ordered me to marry Fatima to Ali and make all of  you witnesses on the earth.

Bihar al anwar, Vol. 10, p. 38

Manaqib, by Khwarizmi, p. 251

Jila ul Ayun, p. 125

Kashaful Ghumma,  by Ardbeli, Vol. 1, p. 471

Masruq narrates from Aisha and Umm Salma that they said that the Prophet (s) ordered them to make preparations for Fatima’s going to Ali. So we brought mud from the valley of Batha , than prepared the home , and cleaned it. Than we made two cushions with our hands. Then prepared food with dates and munqa, and arranged drinkable water. Then we placed a wood in the corner of the house so that clothes and water vessels can be hanged on it. Aisha and Umm Salma narrates that they didn’t saw any better marriage than the marriage of Fatima.

Ibn Maja, Kitabun Nikah, Babul Walima

Shaikh Tusi in his Amali has narrated a similar tradition that the Prophet (s) ordered his wives to decorate the house for Fatima, which they did.

Amali, by Shaikh Tusi, Vol. 1 , p. 40

So from this we come to know that Sahabas in general and Abu Bakr and his daughter Aisha in particular, actively participated in making the marriage of Fatima with Ali successful. While narrating the story of the marriage of Ali and Fatima, the Shia story-tellers actively ignore these parts and try to keep the flame of hatred in the Shiite masses against the Sahaba , for the very same reason, they also don’t tell the Shiites about the sons of Ali while narrating the incidents of Karbala, who were named after the first three caliphs and who martyred in Karbala. They know it very well that it will make the Shiite people think and question themselves if what they have read since their childhood about the hatred between Sahaba and Ahlel bayt is really so or these are huge lies intermingled with partially quoted stories or fabricated narrations.

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