Fatima getting angry at Ali

First of all, we will present from the book of Baqir Majlisi, Jila ul Ayun, that the Prophet (s) himself got angry at Fatima.

It has been narrated in mutabar (i.e good) way that when the Prophet (s) would return from journey, he would first come to the home of Fatima, and than to his wives. Once the Prophet (s) was on a  journey, and Fatima had made some ornaments from silver and left a curtain hanging on the door. So when the Prophet (s) returned from the journey, and came to Fatima’s home, and his companions were waiting on the door. When the Prophet (s) saw this, he turned back angrily , and sat down near the pulpit in the Masjid.

Jila ul Ayun, Vol. 1, p. 170

Now , Fatima gets angry at Ali at many occassions, she also supposedly got angry at Ali for not helping her to take back Fadak. Actually Shias have made up strange traditions to show the Sahaba as the worst people present on the earth, this is also one of them.

So Fatima says to Ali You are hiding like a baby in the foetus and have run to the home like the hopeless ones, even though you killed brave men of their times, and now you fear these people, the son of Abu Qahafa is restraining my children through oppression from what my father bestowed me , no Ansar is helping me, and Muhajireen are seeking refuge themselves, no one is their to defend me or help me, I am boiling with anger, and returned sorrow from there, you put yourself to shame, the wolves are snatching from me and you are doing nothing. O that I had died before this shame.

Haqqul Yaqeen, p. 203-204

Mulla Baqir Majlisi says regarding it,

Now we solve the problem which might arise for some people after reading this, and it is the criticism of Fatima on Ali for not helping her, and Fatima criticisin him, even after knowing that he is Imam and should be obeyed, Masum and even after understanding well that he didn’t do anything against the order of Allah and the will of the Prophet (s). (Than Majlisi says) Perhaps it might be answered in this way that what she said was only due to some requirements , else in reality she was not displeased with Ali rather she was pleased with him, and the reason for saying this was so that the people come to know the bad acts of the Sahaba , and Ali was not silent for the reason that he liked what people said, such things can be said in certain situations. For example, when a king gets angry at his special men at some fault committed by the common people , though he knows that the nobles are free of it, but here getting angry is for the reason that the people understand the level of the fault committed by the commoner. And it is like the act of Moses when he returned back to his people in the state of anger and held the beard of his brother, he didn’t mean to get angry at Aaron, but he did so to inform the people how great a crime they have committed. She (i.e Fatima) knew well what Ali did , nothing of it is against his nobility, the minds of people are unable to grasp it.

(Bihar al Anwar)


Almost the same thing he mentioned in Hayat ul Quloob as well.

Now the problem is that as you can see from the discussion , Fatima said this to Ali in the house, and it is very clear from the text, so whom she was trying to tell the oppresssion of the Sahaba? If the Mulla had said that she tried to inform the angels, that answer could have more value than what he is trying to make his followers believe.

Now the author of the famous book, Nasikh ut Tawarikh, Mirza Taqi says about this, lets read that too

If someone says that why she said such a thing, and how Ali could do this, than I will sum it up in the following words that the secrets of Ahlel bayt are unknown to us, some of which have been mentioned, else we say this and we think this that the Prophet (s) himself wanted to separate the oppressor from the just and the truth from the falsehoold, in such a way that the people realize the reality of wilaya and move from the path of deviance to the path of guidance.

(Nasikh ut Tawarikh)


Indeed, these must be the secrets of Ahlel bayt, and only those who narrated such stories can tell the secrets behind it.


Note: The aim of this article is just to show those who put so much effort in saying that Fatima once got angry at Abu Bakr, hence Abu Bakr has angered the Prophet as per the hadith , we say if it means in every right or wrong matter, than do think about these narrations too. In the next articles, we will show the traditions which prove that Fatima reconciled with Abu Bakr in the later part of her life, anyhow this is just  something for the Shiites to ponder over.

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