Infallibility of Ali?

Here is a supplication of Ali

O my Lord! My sins frightened me but my love towards You gave me protection.

(Book name: The Alawite book , a collection of duas)


Similarly we read in the same book

O Allah! Save us from polytheism and its wrath, oppression and its destruction, poverty and its consequences. O the one to make goodness reach its destination, and the one to send grace to the treasurers one of the beneficial bounty is rains. You are the listener of the complaints, we are sinners and You are the one from whom repentance is sought and You forgive, We seek pardon from You. O the Merciful of all the mercifuls. We ask You to forgive us for the sins due to ignorance and seek Your pardon for our mistakes.

We read in the dua of Kumayl

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
O Lord I ask You by Your mercy that befell on everything
and by Your power by which You mastered everything
and everything became under it
and everything became enslaved to it
and by Your might by which You defeated everything
and by Your glory that nothing stands before it
and by Your greatness that filled everything
and by Your majesty that came over everything
and by Your face that will remain after the vanishing of everything
and by Your Names that filled the corners of everything
and by Your knowledge that surrounded everything
and by the light of Your face that enlighted everything
Yâ Noor (O Light) Yâ Quddoos (O Most Holy) O The First of all and The Last
of all
O Lord forgive me the sins that break up the safety
O Lord forgive me the sins that reveal the resentments
O Lord forgive me the sins that change the gifts (of You)
O Lord forgive me the sins that imprison the call
O Lord forgive me the sins that reveal the adversities
O Lord forgive me every sin I sinned, and every mistake I have mistaken


We read in the same dua

O Lord I do not find for my sins a forgiver
and no one for my ugliness to be covering
and nothing of my bad deeds to be exchanged with good except of You
no other God but You, Be glorified and thanked. I wronged myself and I dared by my ingnorance and took refuge by Your old mention of me and Your grace over me
O Lord how many ugly things You have hidden
and how many a great adversity You have relieved
and how many a misstep You have prevented
and how many a mishap You have pushed away


Furthermore we read

O my God and my Lord, then I shall ask You by the might that You have fixed,
and by the matter that You have destined and ruled, and defeated by it
whoever You have made it for, to forgive me in this night and this hour
every crime I have commited and every sin I have sinnned and every ugliness
I have made in secret, and every ignorance I have commited either announced
or been a secret, made it hidden or made it apparent, and every sin that You
have ordered the dignified writers (writing angels recording the deeds of a
man) to note down, those who You have made to save everything I do and made
them witnesses with my organs
and You have been the Watcher over me from their behind, and the Witness for
whatever was hidden from them and by Your mercy You have made it hidden
and (shall I ask) to make my luck abundant in every good You have revealed,
or a favor You have given, or a virtue that You have spreaded, or an income
that You have made easy, or a mistake that You have covered

But still there will be people chanting infallible infallible? We ask, when did the ahlelbayt claimed to be infallibles? Rather what we understand from their sayings is that they were not infallibles.



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